Making Redmine suck less

Problem: Issue importance and status are hard to see.

Solution: Install this theme and add a custom CSS rule to strike-through resolved issues. I might have a Facebook entry with more details, but can't find it.

Problem: Gantt charts should be sorted by start date instead of issue id.

Culprit: C:\Program Files\BitNami Redmine Stack\apps\redmine\lib\redmine\helpers\gantt.rb


      # TODO: top level issues should be sorted by start date
      def gantt_issue_compare(x, y, issues)
        # Edit by Cees on 8mar12 by http://www.redmine.org/issues/7335
        [(x.root.start_date or x.start_date or Date.new()), x.root_id, (x.start_date or Date.new()), x.lft] <=> [(y.root.start_date or y.start_date or Date.new()), y.root_id, (y.start_date or Date.new()), y.lft]
        #if x.root_id == y.root_id
        #  x.lft <=> y.lft
        #  x.root_id <=> y.root_id

Problem: I don't know how to restart Redmine.

Solution: Choose the applicable one here. If you use Windows and Bitnami with Redmine 1.1.2, save this text as "restart Redmine.bat" and run as Administrator:

net stop redmineMongrel1
net start redmineMongrel1
net stop redmineMongrel2
net start redmineMongrel2

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